LittleNotes: Day 1

I've decided to try and build a web app.  To do this, I've chosen a combination of python (because I already know it) and cherryPy (as it seems the simplest framework available).

This is mostly new as the things I don't know far outweigh the things I do know:

  1. I don't really know what a framework is for.  But, some how I think I need one.  I may be completely wrong on this.
  2. I've got no idea what the constituents of a web app are.  Do I need HTML and CSS up-front?  Do I need to use javascript to provide the front-end updates?  No idea.
  3. There's something called templating.  My IDE (PyCharm) seems to support this.  No idea what it's for.  Perhaps it'll be important.
  4. How do I integrate python with a back-end  database like MySQL?
  5. How do I make it all secure once I've done it?  I don't want people to read my LittleNotes once they're there.
  6. Once the app is ready, how do I roll it out?  Webfaction allows me to install CherryPy.  I've no idea how I load by development site to their servers once it's written though.

I think this blog is going to start out as my place to write things down as I learn them...yes, that's what it'll be - a place I can dump stuff I learn in public.