2016-03-18 Weekly security stories


Ransomware being distributed on major websites via malvertising

Boards of UK businesses aren’t dealing with cybersecurity properly

13m people in America were affected by identity theft last year

Hackers breach and take-out DDoS mitigation firm

A good summary of the differences between 2-step verification and 2-factor authentication

Here’s a really good essay on the toxicity of data

Cybersecurity contractors are the most sought-after in the UK


StageFright is back…

Much Android malware comes from a common source – this is seen in malware from all platforms

Vulnerability in Snapdragon chips can be used to attack Android devices


AceDeceiver – malware that infects non-jailbroken devices


The Carbanak group have become active again and are actively targeting employees of European financial institutions

Ever wondered how Trojans bypass 2-FA?